I am Kathrin and I am currently doing my PhD in Education at the University of Plymouth. I am in my second year and about to run a pilot study for my project. My research is about the influence of preschool gardening on preschooler’s pro-environmental behaviour. As a keen gardener and environmentalist I am interested in how a preschool garden could contribute to the development of children’s environmentally friendly and sustainable attitudes and behaviour.

During my PhD journey I needed to scrutinise the core questions of my research and also explore my beliefs and motivation. It’s not an easy task to do this but it helps to be clearer about the elements of my research and, in the end, be confident.

Why am I writing this blog? The blog serves different purposes. On the one hand, by explaining core parts of my research I comprehend them thoroughly. Because explaining helps me to think it through and also to see the strengths and weaknesses in my argumentation. On the other hand, I want to explain my research to a broader audience and communicate science.

In between I will also write about what it’s like to be a PhD student with it’s ups and downs, and post (hopefully) useful tips for certain parts of being in academia, such as academic writing, citing, how to do a literature review, how to find motivation in difficult times, and much more.

I am happy to see you here and hope you will follow my posts. I will very much appreciate comments and feedback.

As research is very much a question of community and every researcher contributes with his knowledge and expertise, I will cite resources for further reading, and link other blogs and accounts.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, have your blog supported or cooperate in research with me, just get in touch! I am looking forward to hear from you.

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